Monday, December 30, 2013

Spanish Bishop Rants Against Same-Sex Marriage

Casimiro López Llorente, Catholic Bishop of Castellon (Spain), attacked marriage equality in his end-of-year pastoral letter.

The Spanish bishop says in his letter: "The unions between persons of the same sex have laid the groundwork for the destruction of marriage and the family". And he added that such unions: "have significatively increased severe disturbances of personality in children".

The catholic hierarch also expressed doubt in his letter that the church must adapt with the times saying such progressive attitudes (like accepting gay marriage) are responsible for the growing number of broken families and suffering children.

He only lacked to say that being gay is a sin.

The marriage equality is legal in Spain since 2005, and LGBT people is widely accepted by the Spanish people. Remembering the last world survey by Pew Research, result that almost 90% of Spanish people accept homosexuality.

I learned that God is love, why some of His ministers insist on to spread hatred?

Gay Pride in Madrid


  1. They can rant all they want but it won't turn back marriage equality, and it won't stop Pope Francis from being super popular by recommending that the Church emphasize things like ministering to the poor and sick. Being bitter is not going to help anyone.

  2. Some would view this as an example of freedom of speech and it would be interesting to see more details of the research upon which his particular hypotheses have been based

  3. Some would view this as an example (if somewhat irresponsible) of freedom of speech in action. Indeed it would be interesting to read more about the research studies upon which his particular hypotheses are based ...

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