Friday, December 27, 2013

Uganda President Won’t Sign Anti-Gay Law for Now

Yoweri Museveni, President of Uganda, announced that he won't just sign the new Anti-Homosexuality Bill without checking it before carefully. Even though the parliament has passed the bill, the president can use his powers to veto. 

Ugandan parliament passed the bill last week. Although the death penalty was dropped for certain instances of homosexuality, people can still get life in prison for being homosexual. 

President Museveni said: "I will first go through it, if I find that it is right I will sign but if I find that it is not right I will send it back to parliament".

Uganda's Government should protect all Ugandan citizens, with this legislation against LGBT people, it will only incite violence against them.

Remember that Uganda is a member of Commonwealth, and this bill violates Commonwealth Charter adopted and signed in 2013. A total of sixteen core beliefs are drawn up in the charter, namely, democracy, human rights, international peace and security, tolerance, respect and understanding, freedom of expression, separation of powers, rule of law, good governance, sustainable development, protecting the environment, access to health, education, food and shelter, gender equality, importance of young people, recognition of the needs of the small states, recognition of the needs of the vulnerable states, and lastly, the role of civil society.

It's obvious the future law does not fit with those charter's core beliefs, and Uganda could not remain as a member of the Commonwealth if it finally approves the anti-gay bill.

Museveni Drop the Bill!!!

London protest against Uganda anti-gay bill

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