Saturday, December 14, 2013

Warwick Rowers 2014 Calendar is Available

The guys of Warwick Rowing Club are probably best known around the world for their naked calendars, but they’re also a real sports team, and produce Olympic and world class competitive rowers.

Their calendars enable them to do their own outreach programme to young people called Sport Allies, a programme to reach out to young people challenged by homophobia or low self-esteem.

The rowers' calendars is an awesome effort to battle bullying of LGBT students in schools. The 2014 Calendar's editions is available, and you can help them in that battle.

Check it out at

Visit and help at Crowdfunder.

You can also purchase the calendar, greeting cards and other items here.


  1. By Adám Vicent:

    honestly it's beautiful


  2. By Alberto Geremas Fernandez:

    Mmmmm que grupo mas sexy 

  3. By Adám Vincent:

    this is very good!

  4. By Alberto Geremas Fernandez:

    Exquisito espero ver mas fotos lindas

  5. By Indyboy51:

    oh my.. thanks for the calender hook up.. and I smile.. :))

  6. Son unas fotos preciosas y de un gusto exquisito.

  7. Thanks guys! I'm glad u like them! :D