Thursday, October 1, 2015

Spain Speaks Out

Arriving in Spain, an American gay couple are looking for help after making a reservation. They asked for directions, but the hostel owner send them a note in Spanish with an homophobic message.
As the couple don't understand Spanish, so they ask the people of Madrid what it says, and their reactions are astounding.
This is a hidden camera video to observe how people reacts when they read the homophobic note, and the results are simply awesome.
The video will be used by the LGTB organization #ConLaVozBienAlta, to encourage people to speak out and denounce homophobic behaviors and hate crimes.
Watch the video below.


  1. By ximo ferrer tena

    Realment ha causat un gran impacte. Es genial. Gràcies per la teva publicació +Benja

  2. Thank you Benja. You have a great source of information. Hard to believe so many can be so cruel. Hugs. I read every thing you post. You do a great service for our community.