Monday, September 17, 2018

2 Travel Dads: giving the kids a broad world view

Chris and Rob, known on Instagram as 2TravelDads, prove on their own example that parenting and traveling are easily combined things. They are the fathers of two adorable boys: Oliver (age 6) and Elliott (age 3), and they cannot live without them. 

Chris and Rob also believe that living without traveling is like reading only one chapter in the big book of life, and they want their sons to learn the same philosophy. "We have a scratch map – we scratch off the countries we’ve been to," explains Rob. 

However, only when their elder son arrived to this world they decided to turn their hobby into a lifestyle. Rob left his job to be a full-time dad, Chris started to work from home and they found a lot of time for traveling. 

They don’t worry about that fact that their kids don’t go to average educational institutions like school or kindergarten. They are homeschooled by their dads and travel a lot, which is also educating new languages, new cultures, new historic knowledge, learning geography not from the books but from the real-life experience. 

They plan to make their family bigger by means of fostering or adoption. The boys were born via surrogacy with a help of their close friend, but the men say that "she is fine but she is done", meaning that they don’t want this woman to overload herself and they don’t want her to sacrifice her health for them.

So, the girl, it will be a girl because there are two boys already and Oliver wants a little sister, will be adopted or fostered locally. And of course, she will also be a traveler.

Visit their website here.

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