Monday, September 10, 2018

Two rock stars kiss against homophobia in Germany

Two rock stars have kissed to fight against homophobia at an anti-Nazi concert in Germany, attended by 65.000 people.

Benjamin Griffey, who also performs as the rapper Casper, and Felix Brummer, frontman of KraftKlub, kissed on stage on.

The free open-air concert was put together to take a stand against neo-Nazis in the eastern German city of Chemnitz.

Over the past week, the city has seen numerous protests and acts of far-right violence.

Griffey said on stage: "I refuse, even in the darkest times, to think that the world is only full of hatred. ‘The fact that so many have gathered here is for me the proof that the world can also be colorful and wonderful."

And Brummer added: "We’re not naive. We’re not laboring under the illusion that you hold a concert and the world is saved.It’s important to show that we’re all fighting this together."