Monday, June 17, 2019

Kyiv to host Equality March on June 23

The March of Equality organized by KyivPride will take place in Kyiv, Ukraine capital, on June 23 / 23 червня, у неділю, в Києві відбудеться Марш Рівності КиївПрайд 2019.

This year KyivPride will start with the pride-week, which will be from June 14 to 22. The pride week program, already traditionally, is filled with a variety of cultural, entertainment and educational activities, and on June 23, organizers expect 10,000 participants at the Equality March.

KyivPride has been known as a peaceful human rights public action that is the manifestation of the LGBT+ community’s right to peaceful assembly, freedom of speech and self-expression. Thus, this year, the main topic of KyivPride is “Freedom. Unity. Fighting” and the main slogan: “Freedom is our tradition!”. Freedom, indeed, is the ability to speak, act and think without repressive restrictions, prohibitions and violence. 

Our freedom is an indisputable value to be ourselves, to choose what we want and not to fear to live a full life. Freedom does not happen without daily struggle, because freedom is an action. Freedom is not given for granted, it is a process in which we must stand for human rights together, so freedom is impossible without unity.

You can read the instructions to participate in the march here.

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