Tuesday, January 7, 2014

German Skier Speaks Out Against Russia Anti-gay Law

Felix Neureuther, a German skier who won the last World Cup slalom, in Bormio (Italy) on Monday, has become the latest athlete to speak out against Russia’s law banning gay propaganda.

Neureuther concretely said that Russia should not have been chosen as the host of the 2014 Winter Olympics because of its poor human rights record. And he added: "The guys from the IOC should think about where to put the Olympic Games. It's not right to give the Olympic Games to places where they are giving the most money. It should be about the sport, in nations where there is passion".

However, the German skier has announced he would not be engaging in any form of protest as an athlete during the next winter games in Sochi.

Better than nothing!

Neureuther, in Bormio, after winning 
his 6th slalom of World Cup, in this season


  1. By ross bender jr:

    you go boy with your bad self

  2. By Charles Johnson:

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  3. I think we may be in for a few surprises during the opening ceremony on Friday, February 7. I would not be surprised to see some athletes holding hands with others of the same sex during the opening ceremony-- even if they are not LGBT, or badges and banners worn, even though the Russians will throw fits if this happens. And nothing works as well as a surprise.

  4. Altough I am from germany and not so far away from Neureuther´s town I did not know that he said this. But it is a great statement from him that makes me adore him even more!

  5. Altough I come from germany and do not live far away frome Neureuther´s twon, I did not know that he said this. But now I adore him even more.

  6. I applaud him for having the courage to make such a statement. Hopefully, other athletes will follow his example!

  7. By René LaFleur:

    I applaud him for his concern for LGBTQ rights. Also, I respect his views on the IOC leadership and its greed for money.