Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Utah's Gov. says his State does not Recognize the new Gay Marriages

Gary Herbert’s, Utah's Gov., has announced that his State does not recognize the over 1,300 same-sex marriages performed between a Federal judge held that the Constitution requires marriage equality and the Supreme Court stopped that decision on Monday. 

People who are in process of availing themselves of a State service related to same-sex marital status, that process is now stopped and will stay on hold until the Court of Appeals decides whether or not to uphold Federal judge's ruling.

Then, waiting the Appeals Court's decision, the State recognition of same-sex marital status is on hold until new ruling.


  1. By ross bender jr:

    ahha sure he didn't

  2. By Juan Clark-Lucero:

    It seems like alienating 2,600 individuals and their families is not the best re-election strategy.

  3. By Charles Roy Giannotti:

    So? who recognizes Utah? Bigots. Make me wanna puke!

  4. By Rj Naef:

    Don't these sonsofbitches realize that we go by the will of the people not your own personal agenda to legislate from the bench
    Oh yea jackass You cant marry your straight fiancé Doesn't that just piss you off
    Forgive the swearing had a lunch date with a few dentists

  5. By Hudson Taylor:

    Hes a snake who should have his tail cut off!

  6. By Affinis Apparel:

    Things will be so much better when Generation Y takes over; these old time bigots need to shrivel up and fade away!