Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Baseball player David Denson enjoys his life after coming out

David Denson, the first openly gay active player in baseball, is ready to start the rest of his career.

The Milwaukee Brewers outfield prospect, who came out publicly last August, says that his decision to tell his teammates brought the group closer together, rather than ostracize him like the player feared.

Denson declared: “I think it actually formed a bond between my teammates and me even more". And he added: “They had an idea. They would never cross the boundary of actually asking me, but they always had an idea in their mind. So when I actually said it, it's like ‘It's out there, it's cool and we've passed it’".

As I usually say, be yourself my friend and, of course, enjoy your life after coming out!

Brewers players support his gay teammate

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