Friday, March 4, 2016

Malta is in progress

The Prime Minister of Malta has signalled that he now wants to finally introduce same-sex marriage. 

Speaking at an event marking Women’s Day, PM Joseph Muscat said: “I am in favour of gay marriage and the country is ready for a debate about it”.

The once-conservative country has made a raft of changes on LGBT rights, knocking the UK off the #1 ranking in Europe on the issue last year.

As part of the government’s reforming agenda, Malta has introduced LGBT-inclusive education, passed same-sex civil unions, and pushed through progressive gender laws.

Muscat also declared: “We strongly believe in the progress we are making… it’s not a question of imitating other countries but because I will never accept a mentality that harms gay people”.

Yes, Malta is in progress.

Annual Gay Pride Parade in Malta


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