Saturday, June 25, 2016

London's Pride Parade comes to halt as two police officers propose marriage

London's Pride Parade had to stop twice for the same special reason. 

Two of the participating policemen proposed marriage to their respective boyfriends in the middle of the parade. And in both cases the answer was yes! 

They were two touching moments captured by multiple attendees, including the recently created Met LGBT Network, which connects the LGBT members of London's police force. 

Congrats to the engaged couples!

The first proposal was between two police officers

The second one was wiith one attendee


  1. By Algnebe:

    A gorgeous girl was stopped by two officers.

    Girl (showing of her stuff 😜) : hi officer, please forgive me. I didn't know I was speeding up. (Wink wink)

    Officer: sorry can't help you. Besides my husband is watching.


  2. By Daniel Mcgonigle:

    Good for them!!!

  3. By Daniel Mcgonigle:

    +R. P. S Joshi I'm proud of them. I'm not afraid to be who I am anymore. I'm tired of living in the dark

  4. By Andrew Buglass:

    After all that Brexit nonsense this picture just brought a tear to my eye...but it's ok it's a happy cry

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  6. that is so beautiful......................feeling