Sunday, January 13, 2019

Activists warn of a new wave of anti-gay attacks in Chechnya

Activists are warning of a new wave of anti-gay attacks in the Russian republic of Chechnya.

Testimonies from eyewitness escapees of the camps reveal shocking details of anti-gay abuse, torture and even murder.

According to a social media post, activists are urging LGBT Chechens to flee immediately, amid a new crackdown against LGBT people.

"We ask anyone still free to take this message seriously and leave the republic as soon as is possible," the statement read.

The Russian LGBT Network confirmed the reports. They said: "The persecution of gay people, both men and women, in Chechnya never stopped. We’ve been saying this the whole time. The scale and style of persecution has changed form at times, but the persecution never stopped. Since late December, the security forces have increased their activity."

The Russian LGBT Network is trying to find safe spaces for those in danger. They’re also trying to get LGBTI people out of Chechnya and provide clothing, food accommodation and psychological support. They’re calling for any donations to help their cause.


  1. Why aren't foreign governments doing anything?

  2. By George Pendarbes: 😠😫😤😖

  3. By Jeff Jeffcoat: Trump's bestie, Putin, at it again, being a vicious, criminel, BIGOTED ignorant homophobic dictator....

  4. By Pierrick's Theme: Again the Evil Empire raises it's Ugly Head!