Thursday, September 30, 2021

Taiwan court rules trans woman can change gender without surgery

A court in Taiwan ruled a transgender woman can legally change her gender on her household registration without surgery. The ruling could be a landmark judgement.

The Dasi Household Registration Office in Taoyuan, a city outside of the Taiwanese capital of Taipei, denied the woman’s application to change her gender to female. The Taipei High Administrative Court  ruled in her favor. The court also recommended Taiwan's legislature pass new legislation to ensure this right is protected.

“The decision clearly declared that the executive order of the Ministry of the Interior for compulsory surgery was unconstitutional, and positively affirmed that transgender citizens have constitutional autonomy and the right to privacy of information, and under certain conditions, to request a change of gender registration,” said the Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights. “The judgment has correctly pointed out that gender identity and congenital nature are two things, and that compulsory surgery is… unconstitutional.”

The ruling can be appealed.

Not all trans people want the help of doctors 
to validate their gender identity

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