Saturday, June 22, 2013

50,000 Thanks!

Seven months after my first post, I've just reached the incredible number of 50,000 pageviews. 

My husband and main supporter Ryce Skytower tells me that's a great achievement in a very short time, but I answer him that the truely great is every one who spends time to visit my blog. 

He also tells me that my blog appears in Technorati as 13th most influential worldwide blogs published on LGBT issues and 11th most influential on Second Life topics. Of course, I am a bit shocked.

In any case, when I count the daily visits, I see the comments and I read the emails of people who follow my blog, from anywhere in the world, that's really exciting, and I want to keep improving.

I can only say thanks... 50,000 THANKS!


  1. By jonathan mason:


  2. You are actually the 6h most influential in Second Life according to Technorati. You need to eliminate those blogs which are not really "Second Life" blogs but talking about Second Life in another context. Ryce told me to tell you hie is super proud of his Benja!

  3. By John Baugh:

    Congratulations! 50, 000 today, 100, 000 tomorrow! 

  4. Ty Jonathan, Eddi and John! All you make it possible!