Thursday, June 27, 2013

Amnesty International Warns on Rising Levels of Homophobia in Africa

President Barack Obama began Wednesday June 26, a 8-day tour in Africa to visit South Africa, Tanzania and Senegal.

Just this week, Amnesty International (AI) has published a new report titled Making Love a Crime: Criminalization of same-sex conduct in sub-Saharan Africa, warning about homophobic attacks and harassment across sub-Saharan Africa are becoming more visible, indicating that homophobia is reaching dangerous levels.

In addition, "homosexual acts" are being increasingly criminalized across Africa as a number of governments seek to impose draconian penalties or broaden the scope of existing laws, including by introducing the death penalty. A total of 38 African countries criminalize homosexuality.

The report reviews the current state of legal provisions across the continent and how these laws adversely affect LGBT African people. Individuals interviewed by AI spoke of their daily struggle to survive discrimination and threats. The report contains specific cases from Uganda, Kenya, South Africa and Cameroon. Also remember the situation of Nigeria that I posted few days ago.

"It is time that African states stopped demonizing individuals because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. Human rights are about the dignity and equality of all people", said Widney Brown, Senior Director of International Law and Policy at AI.

I am  hopeful the president will deal with rights for LGBT people when he visits the three African countries.

Treatment to LGBT people is increasingly hostile in Africa 

Gay protest in South Africa

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