Sunday, June 23, 2013

French Campaign Against Homophobia

Reacting against the homophobia expressed in France last months, during marriage equality debate, and after deadly attack against the activist Clément Méric, last week in Paris, the French photographer Olivier Ciappa has done a series of photos, with sales going to French AIDS and anti-homophobia groups.

The photographies featuring “imaginary couples” made up of French entertainers and celebrities, like swimming stars Florent Manaudou and Frédérick Bousquet. Manadou won the gold medal for 50m freestyle in the London 2012 Olympics, and Bousquet has a world record holder for freestyle swimming (and he is in real life the partner of Florent’s sister). They both have posed as an "imaginary gay couple" supporting this campaign against homophobia.

Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria and Belgian-Italian singer Lara Fabian have also posed as a couple for the campaign.

Ciappa has declared: "I had the idea of​​ imaginary couples to illustrate, to expand, to formalize my vision of love. Tandems with unexpected differences in culture, origin, opinion policy or discipline to nurture this wonderful diversity that we need so much and is an essential component of the marriage for all".


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