Monday, June 17, 2013

Prime Minister Cameron on gay rights in Nigeria

I posted two weeks ago about Nigeria's House of Representative voted a bill to criminalise and punish with prison gay marriage, same-sex relationships and even membership of a gay rights groups. Nigeria: Jail for being gay, I titled it. Now, that bill waits President Goodluck Jonathan's signature to become law.

Yesterday, James Cameron, the Prime Minister of UK, was asked by a young Nigerian who lives in London on this subject on a british public TV programme. 

Cameron said: "With countries like Nigeria, where we have a very good relationship, a very strong relationship, nothing should be off the table". And he added: "So when we meet with Nigerian politicians and Nigerian leaders, we should be very clear about those things that we agree about and very clear where we disagree".

Cameron admitted that UK: "has a very good record on equal rights for lesbian and gay people”, and he believes that "is right for every country in the world".

And he concluded: "But as I said nothing is off the table; always prepared to have these conversations, and my view very strongly is that we should have proper equality for lesbian and gay people and that should apply everywhere in the world".

It's obvious that just the attitudes like British Prime Minister will change things in Nigeria. Where are the US or the EU?

A young Nigerian who lives in London asked Prime Minister
about gay ban bill approved in Nigeria two weeks ago

Cameron answered that question convincing

Watch the whole interview here.

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