Saturday, June 15, 2013

The gay marriage's acceptance rises in U.S.

After Rhode Island, Delaware and Minnesota legalized marriage equality for same-sex couples in last weeks, they form part to the group of 12 American states where same-sex marriage is allowed. The others are Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Maryland, Iowa and Washington. Also in the District of Columbia is legal. 

However, LGBT people in 38 other states are left waiting for full marriage rights. Which will be the 13th? California? Oregon? New Jersey? or Illinois?

Who knows, but is obvious that gay marriage today has more support in U.S. than last years. The recent polls of The Pew Forum confirm that, the acceptance has risen in all segments. Next, I highlight some of the polls but you can check out all of them at The Pew Forum website.

Americans in favor of gay marriage has risen 
from 35% to 50% in 12 years.
In June 2013, people in favor are more than opposed.

 Thus the attitude of men as women has improved in U.S.
Today, 53% of women and 46% of men accept gay marriage, 
instead of 38% and 32% in 2001.

 Support also increases in all political options. At present,
73% among liberals, 58% moderates and 30% conservatives.
More than in 2001, when the percentages were 56%, 41% and 18%

The acceptance rises in all religious options too. Today, 
74% unaffiliated, 55% white protestants, 54% catholics,
32% black protestants and 23% evangelical, support it.
In 2001, the percentages were 61%, 38%, 40%, 30% and 13%

Marcia and Tanya, the first gay marriage in U.S., 
in the City Hall of Cambridge (MA), on May 17, 2004.

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