Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tel Aviv Gay Pride 2013

From June 6 to 9, once again Tel Aviv hosts the most attended Gay Pride of Middle East.

With a gay scene that competes with major gay capitals around the globe, the Gay Pride of this israeli city attracts over 100.000 people every year.

The main event is the Pride Parade March, which will take place on Friday June 7. It will start at 1pm in Meir Park (Gan Me'ir), with specially designed floats, marching groups uplifting music and countless participants and spectators.

The Pride Parades' route will be similar to the one in previous years. Departing from Bugrashov Street, turning north on Ben Yehuda Street, west on Arlozorov Street and south towards Gordon Beach, where the famous beach party will be held from 3pm till sunset. 

Besides of the Pride Parade, you can also attend cultural events, beach parties, exhibitions, festivals, music and dance shows, lectures and another special attractions, over 50 events throughout Pride Weekend.

Don't forget that Tel Aviv was voted best gay tourism city destination of 2011.

For more information visit TouristIsrael website.

Or check out PrideTelAviv on Facebook


  1. By Jörg Stolz:

    Unfortunately, it is too short

  2. By Giuseppe Maria Carola:

    *the only gay pride of middle east 

  3. well, Jerusalem's gay pride parade celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2012, and it's known as the as the more sober sibling of Tel Aviv :)

  4. By Yuri Velasquez:

    My friends are there... Having fun!!! Enjoy guys

  5. By Jeremy Paquin:

    Thanks Benja,
    I like your Blogspot
    Thanks for sharing good information for us yng gay.
    Jeremy 23 years = Canada
    Warm Hugs

  6. By TwoBadTourist:

    This is awesome. I only wish we could attend!