Monday, August 19, 2013

First Same-Sex Weddings in New Zealand

After approving same-sex marriage bill last April, the law has come in force in New Zealand this Monday morning.

A lot of gay couples were waiting this day to celebrate their marriages. Not only New Zealanders grooms and brides said "Yes, I do", also some Australians did it.

The said says that an image is worth a thousand words, in this case is true.

Congrats to all newlyweds!

 Natasha and Melissa have exchanged rings 
at the Unitary Church in Auckland

 Richard R. and Richard A. have celebrated their wedding 
at the Rotorua Museum

 Jess and Rachel have celebrated their wedding
 at the Rotorua Museum

 The Australians Paul and Trent have been married
 at the Museum Te Papa in Wellington

Lynley and Ally have celebrated their wedding 
in the skies on a flight from Queenstown to Auckland, 
attended by American actor 
Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family)


  1. By Torry Snyder:

    Im hap 4 u all

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