Friday, July 12, 2013

I Like Ribin Tims 'Dik'

Dik is an award-winning Australian short film, written and directed by Christopher Stollery, which has recently won the Best Short Film Audience Award, at the 2013 San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival: Frameline37.

This comedy short was filmed in 2011, and it explains the story of a concerned father of a six year old takes it the wrong way. The little kid (Keilan Grace) shows him a self-made paint with a sentence indicating he likes another boy's "dik". The father (Patrick Brammall) freaks out while the mother (Alexa Ashton) calmly says it's just a phase he's going through. Then they start discussing their past same-sex relationships and things quickly escalate out of control.

With an excellent cast's performance, a sharp script and funny dialogues, this short becomes a wonderful and thoughtful film for gay and straight people. 

The short film has also received awards in many festivals.

2013 Best Short Film Audience Award, 
         at the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival.

2013 Best Short and Best Australian Short Audience Awards,
         and Best Australian Short Film Jury Award,
         at the Melbourne Queer Film Festival. 

2012 Best Short Audience Award, 
         at the Provincetown International Film Festival.

2012 Best Short Jury Award,
        at the Connecticut Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

2012 Best Sexy Film Audience Award,
        at the Be Film The Underground Film Festival

2011 Best Director and Best Producer Audience Awards, 
        and Best Comedy Jury Award,
        at the Aspen Shortsfest.

2011 Best Achievement in Original Screenplay, 
        at the Flickerfest International Short Film Festival.

2011 Best Foreign Short Film,
        at the Tulsa International Film Festival.

2011 Best Short Audience Award, 
        at the Palm Springs International ShortFest.

2011 Best Comedy Short First Prize, 
        at the Rhode Island International Film Festival.

2011 Winner Audience Choice Award,
         at the L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival

Head over to Facebook's Dik.

Don't miss it, it's worth it!

Dik's trailer

The cast with the short's director


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