Wednesday, July 10, 2013

You Can't Be Ballet Dancer if You Do Gay Porn

Jeppe Hansen, 22 year old from Denmark and aspiring ballet star, was asked to leave the Royal Winnipeg Ballet (RWB) in Canada, for his moonlighting in gay pornography.

Hansen started dancing at the age of two and has performed in the Royal Danish Opera, The Ballet in Tivoli Gardens and even for the queen of Denmark. His performances had been met with acclaim everywhere he performed, besides his native Denmark, in Montreal and New York too.

Last year, he won the ballet place after beating thousands of other dancers for the spot, and he got a scholarship in the school’s professional division. But, earlier this year, he started to appear in gay porn movies under the name Jett Black. 

When the RWB found out about it, it asked him to sign a letter saying that he had voluntarily withdrawn from the school, quietly and without discussion. The RWB said there was a code of conduct for students. Seriously, does the handbook of the school say anything about such side-activities?.

Hansen has moved to New York and now he is an adult actor and model full time. Although, he affirmed he would like to return to professional dance in the future.

As a ballet dancer, Hansen is only as good as his technique, and only as good as he can perform, so do not really care what he does on the side. Doing porn is really incompatible?

Ballet dancer and gay porn actor, are they incompatible?


  1. Absolutely! he is a very talented dancer... but It would be unfair if he was not.

  2. By Huw Smith:

    Ballet's loss is porn's gain. Fella can dance for me anytime.

  3. By E Mann:

    What a shame and people in the "Arts" pretend to be so enlightened.

  4. Looks to see if he can find any of Jeppe's movies on the web. Sadly he cannot. Note that this would hold true if the dancer were heterosexual. Although it might not be right, many organizations and businesses require public discretion- ballet is not alone. They worry about public perception and attendance (although I think that more people would actually come to ballet performances now just to see Jeppe in person.

    Just one thing here that does not make much sense. Didn't Jeppe realize he would be losing his job if someone were to "blow his cover" so to speak? There is probably a clause in his contract that tells people to be careful with their public image. I can see him being upset if his movies were a few years old, but he must be extremely naive if he is surprised that he was fired.

  5. By Andre Soares:

    Bunch of hypocrites. They can watch porn, but can't have a porn actor dancing among them.

  6. Yesterday, July 25th, Hansen left a message on Twitter, saying that he has decided to quit porn and is going to focus on his career as a professional ballet dancer.

    The message on his Twitter account reads: “The past several months have been a tumultuous time for me, both personally and professionally. It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that I will be leaving Cockyboys and moving on with my career. I wish Jake Jaxson, and my fellow models the very best in their future projects and look forward to new challenges for us all”.